The “drama” of proofreaders

Some might see this in his curious mindset a sign of moral schizophrenia, based on which, however, never fails nell’identikit of any good psychological genocidal. But it would be, as we shall see, an accusation ungenerous.

The real proofreader – whatever his working hours – is always on duty as a police officer in that resort, abandoned the uniform, nevertheless feel an irresistible urge to catch the pickpocket. Proofreading does not shrink at nothing, the spell: if you are reading a book already ready- printed, does not accept that the typos have got away with it, at least not in the copy in his possession: and so diligently corrects them on the sidelines with the his pencil icon, that, where do justice (but there is always the second edition, which is how the appeals process), is at least restored the truth.

And do not believe that his zeal is confined to the world of the book. Wherever there are letters and words in a row, there lurks the potential harm to amend. Already I belong in all respects to this sad human family, I will tell you that nothing offends me more than a neon sign that is immortalized for all eternity, a misprint. And I speak not of unintentional typos that come from a light bulb, for which you can blame the neglect, or the wear of time.

I speak typos real, deliberate, commissioned a manufacturer of neon signs which in turn did not realize the error: neither he nor all the people who, in one way or another, have passed through his workshop. I still remember – and I am twenty years – that place that proudly sported, I would say crassamente, name flashing Snak Bar (which would be a typo as well for a reptile). I had then, I confess, the impulse to go underground and found that Orthographic be darkened Brigades, armed with slings and stones, that and other atrocities. A little as the Marcovaldo Italo Calvino, which takes the sign of the stone Cognac (indeed, the only GNAC), which prevents him from seeing the firmament.

A real proofreader (like those at does not retire the uniform interior even when it has to do with the menu of a restaurant: it may not have eaten for days, but there is no appetite clouding the view that it can not see the point of those who tortelllini l have one too many, there is no dish so divine that it can not disgust him if he is served with a typo. “Waiter! There is a typo in my plate!”, I heard someone shout. And then, to his great sorrow, the concealer is forced to never take a dessert. The Creme Caramel loses its taste if it becomes Cream or even Crem.

It can put a cross on the profiteroles, which is fine if they become Profitterol or Proffiterols. A pizzeria near my house, so as not to make mistakes, an interim report on the menu Profiter: each and then choose Г  la carte its suffix gasket.

The difference between science and essay writing

At this stage of our considerations it is possible that Scheffersche plea again as a solution strategy – to find for this notorious crisis – quite in his senses, seems to me. It thus joins Dilthey tradition, but is much more radical and represents precisely those hermeneutical conditions in question, who have owned for Dilthey an uncontested advantage. Against this background, based on the differentiation of subject matter, the differentiation of science and essay writing appears (not as the exclusive, but certainly as an outstanding) as a Symptom of the crisis of interpretation based sciences.

Now, if this difference occurs as a symptom of crisis, the decision in the distinction would have to be considered as a solution. So you must choose the side that promises the solution. You must decide in each case. So would be to discuss which choice larger capacity solution with it. The plea for essay writing can lead good reasons to the field, but it solves at a stroke the problems that arise from the object structure of science with all the above-mentioned follow differentiations.

Essay writing is no objectification more in the sense predicted that they would have to install an object plane so on the meta level ever, as if this object plane of its meta-level and the operations that take place on it, regardless. Essayistic interpretations have thus discursive proposal character, with the adoption of the proposal no longer has to be dependent on the object constitution.

The relationship between source text or media event and essay is not to be described primarily as an object and meta-level, but rather as an occasion or pulse and replication of the pulse (Scheffer). Therefore essayistic interpretations may direct in what they interpret, connect, thus in turn allow more direct communication ports, if not to provoke even.

On the other hand, one must consider this the price one has to pay with this decision. First of all, one can conceptualize science as a social (sub) system, the essay writing but not (or at best only as a species with an uncertain system affiliation). Such a conceptualization has its value in the institutionalization of communication.

And that science (in this conceptualization) as an independent social and ie Could differentiate communication system (Luhmann), refers not only to the possibilities that it offers, but also to the need, rather, to the function of such institutionalization. And the function is now looking for in those dimensions, which replaces the essay writing. There are communications that operate with a code that is handled so exclusive that the individual communication posts or events either in full or not to implement it, thus connection to force events to do the same.

It has been referred to this code of the science system as a true or false ( Luhmann). Solving the metaphysical implications of the concept of ‘truth’ from, this may very well bring the exclusivity character expression. For science now speaks of the fact that there are communications that require this code is essential. So there is communication opportunities that would not lead to communications, would not be communicating with such exclusive code.

Rating a dissertation in philosophy is a form of abuse?

Productions tray type are largely laboring majority, because they are experienced as drudgery. But intellectual work must provide satisfactions. We must find forms of intellectual work that bring satisfaction to the students whose spirit form is not suitable for the dissertation. At least the specialist from say so. This does not mean they do not work at all on the essay, but there will be other forms of speech.

And why not manga, storytelling or slam, for example? The manga because some authors present a meditation on existence, which is directly accessible to students keen on this type of cartoon, or they already have or may acquire CDI few volumes. The Tale of wisdom because it is allusive, colorful and popular, which allows good access to the reflection here must be used to fund the students themselves, or someone outside the establishment to intervene.

Slam finally can afford to get into the job of writing a more personal way, for some students, the exact extent where it is less academic. Again, the philosophy professor who is not slammer should invite someone else in his class. But I have not yet experienced these three forms of speech through which could express a philosophical thought, there are simple projects.

Either it is clearly stated that more than half of the candidates (those below 10 to tray) do not have the intellectual capacity to philosophize, in which case we do not see why they should attend compulsory courses. Either we concede that there are other ways of philosophizing, which are better adapted and therefore more useful intellectually, and then we put them into practice. We must keep in mind that education is primarily a business care.

Socrates defines philosophy as the care of the soul, his own and those of others. Now everyone can find in his memory the memory of at least one suffering inflicted by a teacher. Force me to do a job that I can not seem to realize that does not make sense to me then serve me a bad score and possibly hurtful words that I wasn`t expected, this is characterized mistreatment.